Another Wonder Woman TV Series In The Works

A good year of gossip was spent on watching David E. Kelley develop, write and produce a pilot for a Wonder Woman TV show that got no further than an unaired pilot. It was, if nothing else, good sport.

So here we go again.

Vulture are reporting that the CW are developing Amazon, a new Wonder Woman show that could quite nicely compliment their Arrow.

The focus will be on a young Diana, just getting into gear with her Wondering. A Wonder Young Woman, p’raps.

The script is being written by Allan Heinberg, who has worked on The OC and Grey’s Anatomy. Another interesting choice, after the Boston Legal and Ally McBeal man last time around. Heinberg, though, has actual comics on his resume – he wrote Young Avengers and even a run of Wonder Woman, back in 2006.

Get ready for a whole lot more on this project if and when the pilot goes into production.