Dragon*Con 2012: The Parade, Burt Ward And Adam West

Dragon*Con 2012: Interview with the Dynamic Duo, Zombie Love, and More Cosplay

Bill Meeks reporting here from hot and sweaty downtown Atlanta, Georgia at Dragon*Con 2012. Day 2 was phenomenal. I started the day shooting video at the Marvel Superheroes photo shoot where Stan Lee made a surprise appearance. Mary Jane and a Femme Spider-Man were quite interesting. Expect that sexy footage tomorrow.

It’s no secret that while Dragon*Con is pretty family oriented during the day that the night is for love. This is my third year with no love connection and I decided last night that it was high time I got some. Luckily, there was a dance going on in the Sheraton called the Zombie Prom where I figured I’d have at least a shot. They also elected a new zombie president while I was there… Thank goodness the undead still have democracy! Anyway, here’s a video I shot of me searching for my true zombie love:


This morning me and my good friend Chad Johnson (aka OMGChad), a producer for the TWiT podcast network and host of the Minecraft show OMGCraft, went out to cover the parade. I have an hour of parade action with commentary from the both of us rendering now and I’ll have it out in a bit.

After that it was time for a press conference with the classic Batman Adam West and his Robin Burt Ward. We were initially supposed to get about half an hour with each of them but due to some commitments (among them a ceremony with the mayor of Atlanta where today was declared Adam West Day in the city) we got about 15mins with the both of them. A lot of fun, a lot of memories from the both of them, and I got to ask Burt Ward about his friendship with Kato himself Bruce Lee. Here it is in all it’s video glory:


Tomorrow a have interviews lined up with two American men from the future, one of whom appeared on a hit BBC TV Show and has been cast as a regular on the new Green Arrow show. I’ll also be talking with the director of D.N.E.: Do Not Erase as well as compiling all the cosplay footage I’ve been shooting to show you some of the best costumes at Dragon*Con. Until then, here are some cosplay pictures from Friday:


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