Cynthia Rothrock In Line For Dredd Producer’s “Female Expendables”? Maybe…

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Adi Shankar has started casting for his lady-led spin on The Expendables‘ style of nostalgic action pap, and has done the correct thing: booked a meeting with Cynthia Rothrock, genuine 80’s action legend.

Well… maybe. This is according to The Philadelphia Daily News, citing a “reliable source.” The thing is, their story also goes on to say this:

The same source says the plan is to the follow the all-female “Expendables” with one having both the guys and gals together in a movie that would likely set a record for fight scenes, explosions and rounds fired.

But… the people behind this film aren’t the people behind The Expendables. Shankar’s picture isn’t literally a female spin-off of those films, just a feminine spin on that same concept.

Not unless the two parties have somehow gotten together in the last couple of weeks, with Shankar taking his project to Lionsgate. I’m not so sure about that.

On the other hand, the reporter does promise:

More inside “Expendables” info in Tattle on Tuesday.

So perhaps something quite obviously more solid will come along then? I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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