Monday Trending Topics: Will Scott Snyder And Jim Lee Help Us Celebrate Superman’s 75th Birthday?

There is certain to be ample commemoration of the 75th anniversary of comics’ greatest icon next year, but this one in particular would be pretty cool: I’ve heard that there may be a brand new Superman monthly comic to come in 2013, called Man Of Steel, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jim Lee. It’s planned for the middle of next year I understand, probably part of the DC Fifth Wave, and to give Jim Lee enough of a head start to give the book a successful constant artistic run as Justice League had in the beginning.

So that would time out just about right.  When will I be celebrating?  April 18.  Because although it’s cover-dated June, according to Jack Liebowicz‘s testimony in DC v Bruns, the date Action Comics #1 hit the stands (in NYC, presumably) is April 18, 1938.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

All New X-Men Cover May Spoil AVX… 

Released by Marvel to MTV, and apparently shown at the Fan Expo Canada X-Men panel, a third part to a cover from All-New X-Men that may give you some idea of who survives Avengers Vs X-Men… and who does not. And also showing us anlother mysterious figure hanging around in the background.

Jim Lee And Scott Snyder To Launch Man Of Steel Comic For 2013?

Spinning out of the Toronto bar scene comes one rumour that has suddenly picked up a little Canadian steam. Indeed some expected this to have been announced yesterday, rather than the Justice League Of America news.

Grant Morrison And Yanick Paquette’s Wonder Woman For 2013 

We know that Grant Morrison still has a Wonder Woman project planned for DC Comics. Well, now we know that it is a Wonder Woman Year One project (UPDATE: Or is it Earth One?). And it will be drawn by his Seven Soldiers and Batman Inc compatriot Yanick Paquette, currently working on Swamp Thing. And it should be launched next year…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

The Robocop Remake Is Causing “Hell” For Its Director 

This is according to City of God director Fernando Mereilles, a friend and colleague of Padilha’s. He was giving an interview to promote his current movie, 360, to the Brazillian press and somehow ended up on the subject of Padilha in Hollywood.

One Thought About Doctor Who: Pond Life Part One

The first webisode of Pond Life, filling in the gaps between the last time we saw Amy and Rory Pond and the beginning of the new series, is up. Which means a few cutaways over what the time travelling soul has been up.

The 3D Star Wars Re-Releases Are Continuing With More Dates Announced 

I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that Lucasfilm were going to pull the plug on the endeavour, or that everything was going to be scaled down to home-entertainment releases. Apparently not, however, as both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith have now been put up on the calendar.


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