Erik Larsen Leaves Supreme

Erik Larsen Leaves Supreme

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Erik Larsen tweeted;

After much thought I’ve decided to end my run on Supreme with issue 68 and make it an 80-page giant. I can do more cool shit that way.

Supreme 68 won’t be all one big story there’ll be solo stories for Squeak, Sister Supreme, Lion-Headed Supreme and Original Supreme as well

The idea is to fully set the stage for whatever follows. To say: this is the world–these are the players.

Make no mistake, I had a ball on Supreme and Rob Liefeld has been extremely supportive and hands off. He’s let me run wild with it.

But the reality is–I have a million things of my own I want to do and I can’t do everything. Something had to give.

I have a project or two in the works that I keep having to put off.

As to who is taking over, Larsen wrote;

I don’t know and if I did–I shouldn’t the be guy announcing it.

Chris Eliopoulos replied;

Um, is there something you want to tell me?

I wonder…

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