DC Comics Announces Before Watchmen: Moloch By JMS And Eduardo Rizzo, And Bill Sienkiewicz Takes Over On Nite Owl

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Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool from Fan Expo Canada;

At the Before Watchmen panel at Fan Expo Canada, DC Comics have just announced a new two issue mini-series as part of the Before Watchmen project entitled Before Watchmen: Moloch, by Joe Michael Straczynski and Eduardo Risso. The first issue will appear, as a surprise solicitation, in November, the second to follow in December.

Moloch has already prominently appeared in the Before Watchmen: Comedian series. This does raise the possibility of even more Before Watchmen books to come.

John Cunningham announced that Bill Sienkiewicz will take over inking of Before Watchmen: Nite Owl after the passing away of Joe Kubert.

Brian Azzarello and Darwyn Cooke also verified that the Before Watchmen comics are based solely around the comic book canon and ignore any elements introduced by the film, such as the Comedian assassinating President Kennedy. (Except Sally’s hair. Darwyn took the style straight from the film).

Amanda Conner recommended reading Silk Spectre very closely as she had purposely riddled the book with tons of Watchmen Easter eggs. Issue #3 of Silk Spectre also has a surprise guest that Conner wouldn’t spoil but says it will blow you away (and could possibly happen during an acid trip.)

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