Avengers Vs X-Men To Be The Model For Future Marvel Events

It’s true I’ve been a little down on the Avengers Vs X-Men event, only really liking a couple of the issues so far, but enjoying more of the spinoff bits – the opposite of the way I usually experience these things.

But I can’t deny that it’s been far more effective than previous crossovers, dominating the charts and actually lifting the sales of crossover books rather than depressing them. Which, you know, is kind of the point. And it seems that Marvel are keen to repeat the experience.

At the Avengers Vs X-Men panel today at the Fan Expo in Toronto, Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso stated that “hopefully we’ll be doing more things like this in the future” and that it’s “a model for future events at this point.”

As for the crossovers, Axel stated “We have people complaining that there wasn’t enough, which is a good sign”. And as to the five-weekly mini-series AVX: Consequences coming out in October, Arune Singh told the crowd “This will change the fabric of the Marvel Universe in an important way…”

But then again, don’t they all?

UPDATE: USAgent will be joining Dark Avengers and taking it in a new direction. Presumably out of the wheelchair. And it looks like Bleeding Cool’s rumour about a new Cable book may be on the money.. but first we have a Captain America and Cable story in A+X #1. And Alpha Flight characters will join Wolverine And The X-Men from issue 19.

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