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Co-founded by Craig Rousseau, Rich Woodall and Kelly Yates, Artist Alley is a hub for creator-driven digital comics, with a price point to match. They publish comics in 11 page chapters with a cover, for 99 cents, paid through Paypal, with creators receiving 80% of profits, while readers receive the comic in a DRM-free PDF format.

And they boast some impressive names – Shawn McManus, Richard Case, Randy Green and more. Check out a preview of their work…

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The books are;

Annie Ammo by Richard Case (Doom Patrol, Hunter: The Age of Magic)
Danny Clyde by Shawn McManus (Swamp Thing, Fables)
Dollz by Randy Green (Witchblade)
Kill All Monsters by Michael May (Robot 6, Panels for Primates) and Jason Copland (Murder Book, Perhapanauts)
Kyyra by Craig Rousseau (Perhapanauts, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane) & Rich Woodall (Johnny Raygun)
MonstHer by me, Kelly Yates (Doctor Who, Amber Atoms)
Red Vengeance by Chris Kemple (Fallout, Negative Burn)


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