The Office To End After This Next Season But Spin-Off Series The Farm Is Coming

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The Office‘s top dog Greg Daniels today held a conference call for select press and Bleeding Cool were there to listen in. Sort of. In our dreams. Not at all.

Okay, we’ve read an account of the call at TV Line. Will that do?

Essentially, Daniels story is that he realised how hard it would be to get anything like a full assembly of the key cast back for a tenth season, and so he discussed the possibility of a “reboot” with NBC. After talking it through, they decided that wasn’t too viable, and so they’re actually going to wind things down instead.

Over this last stretch we can look forward to seeing “a lot of familiar faces” returning, which seems to imply Steve Carell as Michael Scott but Daniels went on to say that Carell:

is probably anxious about not messing up such a stylish exit. That’s a perfectly legitimate point. We’ll see.

There’s a lot to tie-up, however, and Daniels seems keen to pay-off these eight years of set-up – we’ll even get to find out the identity of the Scranton Strangler. I hope it isn’t one of the main characters, or even one of the second tier players – that could just be sinister and creepy and throw things out of balance.

It could be argued that the overal story of the series has been the story of Jim and Pam, especially since Scott disappeared, and Daniels promises that the final year will be a “big” one for them. I expect the series’ overall closure to rest on their shoulders – that feels the most natural and fitting, at least from this point in the storyline.

The final series is also going to answer one of the key questions never resolved in the BBC original: who it is making the documentary. Hopefully, we’ll also find out how they managed to film for so long without ever having to deliver a product.

Personally, I’ll miss the show. It may not have been at its best lately, but it’s still one of the few box sets I look forward to each year.

Maybe The Farm will fill that gap for me. This Dwight Schrute-centric spin-off is going to be introduced with a special episode of The Office this year and, if that’s met with interest and appreciation, it will become a full, new show in its own right.

Last time I wrote about The Farm, its producers were embarking on casting, searching for regulars to play members of the Schrute family. They have now acquired a sister and a nephew.

Blake Garrett is to play the nephew. He was apparently in Bridesmaids but… no. I don’t even remember any young kids in that film at all. Maybe if he’d had a nasty bout of diarrhea into a wash basin.

And Dwight’s sister is to be played by Majandra Delfino. That’s her at the head of the post. I don’t see the family likeness.

Maybe if she were to have a nasty bout of diarrhea into a wash basin?

Should the show go ahead, we’ll be treated to the misadventures of the Schrute family as they try to run an inherited bed and breakfast business. Will there be a documentary crew filming their every move? I’d guess not – though I’m also expecting a similarly hand-held aesthetic. Something Parks and Rec-like, would be my guess.

Actually, my guess is that The Farm won’t become a series. I don’t mean to jinx it, but sit-com spin-offs haven’t got the best track record and I don’t know that Daniels and NBC will rush into something the audience are anything less than certain about.

Right. Here’s hoping that this final season of The Office can be as good as the show ever was, if not better. I think they’ve got it in them…

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