Avengers 2 In Your Dreams: Fan Sculpts An FX Model Of Clark Gregg As The Vision

Since our earlier story, in which Vin Diesel teased his fans about the possibility of his being cast as The Vision in Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel, we’ve found this work by a sculptor and lover of the Marvel universe who has created an alternative “vision” of Clark Gregg returning as the popular character. Gregg, whose character Phil Coulson suffered a case of “death by Norse God” in The Avengers, could feasibly be rebuilt as The Vision and return for the sequel.

Once again it falls to the film side of the site, where we have at best a wobbly grasp of the comics-verse, to summarise the character. The Vision is a robot ghost. He can control his own density, which gives him the power to become intangible, merge with someone, and then become solid again whilst still inside them, causing a big headache for the cleaning lady. He can also fly. And program in Java. And he has a torch in his forehead, which makes him perfect for when you drop something in the car and it rolls under the seat.

Anyway, courtesy of a user named “bhsfx” over at the Comic Book Movie forums, here is Clark Gregg as The Vision. It’s eerily good, and it’s not even finished yet; we’ll post images of the final painted version when they become available.