Frank Quitely To Write And Draw His Own Comics

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Recently Coruña held its fifteenth annual comics convention, Viñetas desde o Atlántico 2012. J. Antonio Fraga attended for Bleeding Cool. Including the Frank Quitely panel.

When asked about new projects, he mentioned the two books that everybody knows he’s working on right now, Pax Americana with Morrison and Jupiter’s Children with Millar, but he hinted at what could be in store after that. Apparently, a few years back, he had to quit drawing for a while due to pains in his back and during that time he started writing short stories of his own volition. Now, he would like to draw those stories as comics, and he would probably publish them with an independent publisher.

A normal workday for him is getting to his studio at 9:30 and working until 6 pm, although in the last year he’s been staying unti 8 pm. The result is two pages done per week. His wife doesn’t believe he spends all those hours working but taking a huge lunch-break instead, to which he replies that with some stories he even forgets to take a lunch-break at all.

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