Would You Buy Detective Comics For Eight Cents A Copy?

You probably can’t expect mint copies.

But if you want to read new DC comics legally for a third or a quarter of the price of print and digital, and don’t mind a few creases, bumps, or lumps from the postal service, Tanga are running their discount DC subscription deals again.

$2.99 and $3.99 comics, with $36 and $48 cover prices, for $12-$14.

However, if you use the code BATMANROCKS when ordering the Batman Detective Comics title, it reduces the $12.99 price for twelve issues deal to $1 for twelve issues. Including shipping.

There is no way they can be making money on that, just by shipping alone. Whatever bump, folds, or being run over by a delivery lorry in a puddle, eight cents for a $3 comic is hard to argue with. It’s 97% off.

This may be a temporary glitch. So take advantage… while you still can.

UPDATE: That was temporary. It’s now become a one dollar coupon. Congrats all those of you who got in there and got the eight cent deal…

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