Ten Thoughts About Ten Comics - Deadpool Kills, Supreme, Daredevil, Saga, Victories, Amazing Spider-Man, Supreme, Rorschach, Ferals And Crossed

Ten Thoughts About Ten Comics – Deadpool Kills, Supreme, Daredevil, Saga, Victories, Amazing Spider-Man, Supreme, Rorschach, Ferals And Crossed

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Deadpool Vs The Marvel Universe sees the psycopathic assassin losing his funnybone all over the X-Men as he slices, dices and jellies his way through Marvel’s merry mutants. And in the process, he gets rather meta on us… I mean, seriously, in the Marvel Universe itself is Wolverine actually popular?

Whereas Supreme is so meta it hurts, as our familiar cast find themselves in a very different world, and one with little room for Ethan Crane, while the old Supreme is sitting in judgement on the universe. And hitting it. But it sems the new rearranged universe everyone finds themselves in, may not be as brand spanking new as we may have previously thought.  And you may already know it well…

Before Watchmen: Rorscach #1 gives us an issue that breaks out of certain Watchmen restraints breaking out of borders, giving us a lush, rich visual of every scene, and for some reason lets us know that in the seventies, Rorschach had a typewriter, before he moves over to pen and paper in the mid-eighties. Maybe this series will show us what exactly happened to his typewriter. This book also has a sense of humour that, at one point, even smacks of parody when, after being attacked, his mask seems to imitate stars, the cartoon character of Rorscach being hit over the head…

Also, is that a now-closed down torrent site getting a shout out?

A few months ago, thanks to Amazing Spider-Man, everyone in Manhattan was a spider. Now everyone is becoming a Lizard. Those genetic stability insurance deals must cost a packet now.

There’s a scene in thic comic which is absolutely perfect for the medium and should be celebrated. No spoilers, but it is the Lizard hallucinating that he is seeing one person instead of another, in order so they cannot see a specific item. Psychologically comples it is made simple in comics with the old “half and half”. Oh and so many different endings and threads unfurling for people on the path to Amazing Spider-Man #700…

This is the stuff of Brendon Connelly’s nightmares right here. The circus have been Crossed and they are coming to your town. There are often stories about travellers and circus folk stealing or attacking the communities they come to, though they usually come to nothing. This week’s Crossed Badlands taps into that tabloid sensationalism well and, as ever, created a nightmare. And a world where the usual rules about survival have been turned on their head.

When I was a child I used to play on trees and imaging they were spaceships. My kids do it too, there’s a log in the nearby park that is the spitting image of a classic Battlestar Galactica fighter. I sometimes join in. Anyway, in Saga #6, it’s nice to see that some other people may have had the experience. And giving us a scene that people will really complain if its not in the movie.

Ferals gives us possibly the most stereotypical good cop bad cop scene, but it all fits together very nicely. As our Feral werewolf becomes some kind of Lobocop, in the whole use-a-crook-to-catch-a-crook. Until it all goes horribly and nastily wrong of course. Plenty of sex and violence, with an intelligent plot to boot. Isn’t that what you want most in life?

While Daredevil revisits his relationship with Foggy Nelson with a trip to years ago, with Mark Waid and Mike Allred. Again, finding new ways and new directions to tell stories featuring characters which have been relaunched, revamped and retold so many times. This week, it’s time to take Stilt-Man seriously. Or at least semi-seriously. With a payoff that will delight so many Daredevil fans and maybe even bring a tear to one or two…

Michael Van Oeming’s The Victories may look a little like Batman Aventures. But it really really isn’t. Wash your mouth out with soap and water, Michael! That’s his tattooed shoulder and tongue there, folks. Honest…

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