Raiders Of The Lost Ark Getting An IMAX Re-Release This September

Posted by August 14, 2012 Comment

IMAX continues to be one of the hottest brands in Hollywood.

As the Indiana Jones Complete Adventures Blu-ray box set nears release, Paramount have decided to put his debut adventure, Raiders of the Lost Ark back on the big screen. The really big screen.

THR have noted that the film is appearing on IMAX ticketing websites for the film-week beginning September 7th, though an official announcement is yet to come.

Of course, the film was never made to be seen in this format – which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work, just that if it does play out okay, it’s more by luck than specific judgment.

IMAX isn’t just a bigger screen, it’s a screen so much bigger that most of the audience simply can’t watch the film the same way the could in a ‘normal’ auditorium. Some films could be completely and utterly cripple by this.

There’s an awful lot of fanboy love for Raiders, and also for IMAX. I can see a good number of those premium priced tickets shifting for this almost perfect post-Aint It Cool movie-nerd date night.

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