Alice Krige Has A Small Part In Thor 2: The Dark World

Taking part in the Star Trek Las Vegas convention over the weekend, Alice Krige revealed that she’s just been cast in a small part in Marvel’s Thor sequel.

Thanks to @startrekcon, who was tweeting their heart out all weekend long, we now know:

Which small role might this be? It’s probably pointless setting the bed at this stage, but if Malekith is going to be in there, how about Alflyse, the queen of Svartalfheim? Maybe. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter yet anyhow.

Krige is probably best known to genre fans for her turn as the Borg queen, or maybe for the role of Maddie in Deadwood, but to me, she’ll always be Sybil Gordon,  odd blip in Chariots of Fire‘s timeline.