The Sweeney Take Over The Orange Gold Spot And Promote Moments Worth Paying For

The Sweeney Take Over The Orange Gold Spot And Promote Moments Worth Paying For

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The Sweeney will be the highest profile British picture released in the second half of this year* and, if our very own Michael Moran is to be believed, it’s actually very good.

It’s out in September, so now we’re in August, promotions have cranked up considerably. The highest profile plug for the film is no doubt going to be the Orange gold spot, that promo played in British cinemas just before the film starts.

Here’s that new gold spot now, one day ahead of its launch in cinemas.

That’s actually quite creepy. Felt more like Life On Mars than The Sweeney in some respects.

This particular movie-centric Orange campaign has been running for years, with the hook always the same. I can’t think of any other case where an advertiser actually presents their product in a bad light, over and over again, all in the name of self promotion. And they somehow convince filmmakers and distributors to let them muddy up their product too. I guess we must be way deep into the age of irony if this isn’t seen to be sending negative messages to the audience.

And here’s another in-cinema campaign featuring The Sweeney. In some screenings, these two promos could end up playing more or less back-to-back, and sometimes shortly after an actual Sweeney trailer. That’s getting on for overkill, surely?

Stay tuned for Michael’s review of The Sweeney in due course. I certainly look forward to hearing his case in more detail.

*Skyfall isn’t a British film. It belongs to MGM and Sony.

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