Batman Inc #0 Still Coming Out In September. Nemesis, Not So Much.

Batman Inc #0 Still Coming Out In September. Nemesis, Not So Much.

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So retailers have been asked to hold onto Batman Incorporated #3 for a month over issues of content suitability following the Aurora shootings.

And now retailers have been told that #4, intended for August won’t be coming out until October. A two month delay!

But some haven’t realised this is partially because Batman Incorporated #0, scheduled for September… is still coming out in September. Chris Burham tweeted the schedule;

Hm. I guess it’s 3 in aug, 0 in sept, 4 in oct. You’ll get ’em all eventually!

There are some who are stating that the Batman Inc #3 delay was, rather than based on concerns over the Aurora shootings, delayed so as to create a smaller gap between issue #3 and #4… but that discounts #0. And after issue 4, the book will be one month rather than two months late, going on. Ah, just like the good old days.

But this is the most significant shipping delay for the New 52 so far, and that has nothing to do with content sensitivities.

In other DC lateness news, it seems that Green Lantern #12 has been delayed from August the 8th to the 15th. Justice League #12 has been delayed from August 12th to August 29th. Aquaman #12 has been delayed from August 22nd to August 29th.

And with two Geoff Johns-written annuals, Justice League International and Green Lantern also scheduled for that last fith week in August, maybe we should declare August the 29th as National Geoff Johns Day?

And Marvel have announced that the Nemesis sequel by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven will now come out in January 2013, rather than September, under the title Nemesis Returns, in a press release that managed not to use the words late or delayed once!

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