Now You Can Watch The First "Credits Scene" From The Avengers To Your Heart's Content

Now You Can Watch The First “Credits Scene” From The Avengers To Your Heart’s Content

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At the end of The Avengers, Marvel used a little video interruption to the end credits to reveal an uber big bad figure, pulling strings from behind the scenes, and perhaps set up something for one of their future projects, a little.

Many have assumed that this character’s appearance was being used to set up The Avengers 2. I don’t expect so. I reckon we’ll see these loose ends tied up in the Guardians of the Galaxy picture.

Anyhow, Marvel have now released that scene for viewing online. So let’s. And then I’ll speak in more openly spoilery terms.

Ooh, Thanos. I bet that was a surprise. The 0.001% of you who hadn’t already seen that clip, or at least read about it. For newbies, we do have an older post that explains some of the finer points of that scene.

While Thanos has yet been cast his sidekick, The Other, has. That’s Alexis Denisof, sometime Slayer Watcher Wesley Wyndahm-Prince, and soon to be seen as Benedick in Joss Whedon’s upcoming film of Much Ado About Nothing.

Whedon may have handed Denisof a lovely gift, here – a small pop-up role in just a couple of scenes that could well be expanded into something meatier for future films.

I’m hoping so, anyway.

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