New Wreck-It Ralph Promo Has Live Action Jane Lynch And Jack McBrayer, And Alan Tudyk Doing His best Paul Winchell

Posted by July 31, 2012 Comment

This TV spot for Wreck-It Ralph has been coined to coincide with The Olympic Games. As well as the CG footage there’s some live action mucking about with Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer who play the second-tier roles of Sgt. Calhoun and Fix-It Felix. Jr.

Alan Tudyk, as the king of Candlyand there, is doing a riff on Paul Winchell, perhaps most famous as the original voice of Tigger. Maybe there’s a bit of Ed Wynn in there too.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing Fix-It Felix Sr. somewhere in the film – Disney won’t waste a ‘plot point in waiting’ like that – and my hunch, at the moment, is that it will turn out to be Tudyk’s character. Just a shot in the dark, mind.

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