The Missing Cyber Force Information That Enraged Retailers (UPDATE)

The Missing Cyber Force Information That Enraged Retailers (UPDATE)

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As we reported previously, a bunch of retailers have expressed concern over the free Cyber Force relaunch, funded by Kickstarter and intended to be given away both digitally and in print – with the print version getting two extra pages by Marc Silvestri.

And retailers have been concerned.

Tonight, it seems the penny dropped as to why. The Top Cow twitter feed posted;

So now I know why retailers are upset about Cyber Force #1. Our retail incentives for the “free” copies were supposed to be offset by the variants we were providing for order levels. You order X copies you get a variant you can sell for $10.

These variant incentive covers were erroneously not on the order form so I get it now! Diamond will be blasting out the correct incentive covers in the next day or so. Sorry for the confusion.


I’m sure someone regrets the error.

UPDATE: For every fifty copies ordered by retailers at a wholesale price of 25 cents, comparable to Free Comic Book Day prices, they will get two copies of a Marc Silvestri variant cover version, with a recommended retail price of $10 each. And for those who order a hundred copies. And for every hundred they’ll get a variant cover by Stjepan Sejic with a recommended $20 price.

And with issue six, everything goes back to full price normality…


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