Learn English With Ricky Gervais

Learn English With Ricky Gervais

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While he’s also prepping to shoot a full series based on his comedy-drama Derek, Ricky Gervais has completed the pilot for a new web series.

Blogging about it, he posted this image.

The series is to be called Learn English With Ricky Gervais and appears to be just what it seems to be. Gervais says:

I’m going to put out the first one free as a taster then work out the best way to distribute. Might charge a small fee or get it sponsored. Unlike the audio podcasts this actually costs quite a bit to make, but even if we charge it will still only be a couple of quid.

Lion suits ain’t free.

The show is going to be subtitled into “as many languages as possible” and Gervais may also release a “clean” version that folk can add new subtitles to and fill in the gaps on the official global map.

The show is going to feature Gervais and, as you can see, Karl Pilkington. This is a good thing for two reasons. Firstly, Pilkington can be very entertaining. Secondly, he’s going to take the English language to some interesting places.

Seems like more of a business enterprise than a creative one on Gervais’ part – I can’t imagine he woke up one morning and said “What I really want to do is make a language course for the internet” – but if Pilkington hasn’t worn out his welcome on the web, I’m expecting something of a hit.

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