Emma Stone To Star In Cameron Crowe’s Re-Worked Deep Tiki

Posted by July 30, 2012 Comment

Some years ago, I read Cameron Crowe‘s screenplay Deep Tiki, while Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon were attached to star. It was an unusual story, mixing military misadventure with Hawaiian folklore, but it had that great Cameron Crowe relationship writing to help make it accessible for a wide audience.

Still, that version never happened. I was very disappointed.

And it was actually a tremendously long time until Crowe made another film – last year’s We Bought a Zoo, an undervalued, typically winning fable with plenty of the writer-director’s flair in evidence.

Now, it looks like Deep Tiki has been resurrected.

Deadline are reporting an unnamed collaboration between Emma Stone and Cameron Crowe, set to roll next spring for Sony.

It’s Variety’s Jess Sneider who has tweeted that the film is Deep Tiki, resurrected and reworked.

Back in the Ben and Reese era, he would have taken the lead, a military contractor, and she would have played his military liaison and love interest. I’d imagine the male-female roles will still fall this way around, but we’ll have to sit tight and see how exhaustive the reworking has been once more details come to light.

Anyhow – Emma Stone and Cameron Crowe? It’s all coming up Brendon. Thank you, ancient Hawaiian deities.

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