Is Esad Ribic On Thor?

Is Esad Ribic On Thor?

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In what seems eons ago (before San Diego Comic Con, basically), we reported the rumour that Esad Ribic and Jonathan Hickman were taking on The Avengers for Marvel NOW!

Well, we later had confirmation that Jonathan was on Avengers, but no mention of Esad.

Well, in an interview with iFanboy, Tom Brevoort at least confirmed his involvement with Marvel NOW, talking aboiut the designs for Uncanny Avengers.

The designs for Havok, Rogue and the Scarlet Witch were all John’s, with some back-and-forth from myself and Rick. The Thor design, as crafted by Esad Ribic, has a number of elements to it that are modular, and that will be used as the character needs them or desires them, so it’s all stemming from the same place.

So… did Esad Ribic redesign Thor for Avengers… or for Thor? That’s still the one creative team we haven’t heard a peep over…

UPDATE: A reader writes “Ribic did tell a friend of mine at comic con he was indeed working on Thor. Got a couple of cool sketches from him also.”

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