Do You Know Your AXFO From Your UWS From Your BURNS From Your NOW?

Posted by July 26, 2012 Comment

Marvel Comics are bringing you all some new initials for the weekly comic lists. Flushed with the success of splashing AVX all over lists, helping retailers and customers alike identify the crossover issues, so Marvel will be doing the same to a bunch of  upcoming titles.

So the Avengers VS X-Men: Fall Out titles will get the AXFO suffix, Ultimate Comics’ United We Stand will have UWS on the end, the Thor/Journey Into Mystery “Everything Burns” crossover will have BURNS added and all the Marvel NOW! relaunch will have NOW on the end.

I say, with all the fuss going on with a certain Kid A in X-Force and Wolverine & The X-Men of late, is there any chance we could get an Apocalypse NOW comic out of this?

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