Batman Inc #3 Hits $30 On eBay

Batman Inc #3 Hits $30 On eBay

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While most comic stores held copies of Batman Inc #3 yesterday, following DC Comics’ instructions, many shops did not.

Some chose to ignore the request, some didn’t receive it. But, as ever with a distribution inequality, eBay steps in to fill the gap.

Some people, not knowing of the issue, are selling copies for the Buy It Now price of $2.99.  Others, more savvy to the situation, have sold copies for up to $30 with the black and white sketch variant selling for $90.

Of course there are tens of thousands of copies waiting in retailer’s back rooms, and in a month they will all be going on sale for cover price. All people are geting for their dollars is additional time to read the comic.

And, in what is probably the least shocking turn of events, the comic has also been pirated with all the regular filehosting sites having copies available for instant download.

Bleeding Cool ran what appears to be the offending content first here, but since then there have been better quality scans sent to us, such as the below;


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