Rushes - From Doctor Who Specials To A Total Recall Director's Cut And Lots In Between

Rushes – From Doctor Who Specials To A Total Recall Director’s Cut And Lots In Between

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By referring to Steven Moffat’s idea for the “first” anniversary special in today’s new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Matt Smith seems to be suggesting that there will be multiple specials aired. Moffat hasn’t written any of them yet, but did share his concept for the first with Smith, who – of course – had only good, and teasing, things to say.

John Noble’s sleep disorder has led to a shutdown of production on Fringe. The plan is, they’ll be up and running again in two weeks, after he’s been treated.

Quincy Jones is to write the score for Lee Daniels’ The Butler, a biopic of long-serving Whitehouse butler, Eugene Allen. The film is going to star Forest Whitaker as Allen, Oprah Winfrey as his wife, David Oyelowo as his son, John Cusack as Richard Nixon, Live Schreiber as LBJ, and Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda as Ronald and Nancy Reagan. What a cast.

Another Whitehouse drama, Olympus Has Fallen, has just added Tory Kittles to its cast. He’ll play a member of the security staff in this pretty tall sounding tale about Korean terrorists taking president Aaron Eckhart hostage, and Secret Service man Gerard Butler saving the day.

In other news, there’s an actor called Tory Kittles. Fantastic.

Moving away from the White House, Kal Penn is joining the sitcom Ex-Men. Do you see what I did there?

Now. Watch this novel spin on the car chase subgenre.

Well, apparently Adam Sandler and Happy Madison are to make that into a film, likely starring Sandler as the man-child playing with his kid’s toys. And because it’s a Sony Columbia film, it will probably still have Smurfs in it.

Here’s a bit of Les Miserables-plugging fluff from ET. The film looks like it deserves better than this.

Channel 4 are to broadcast a six-hour, ad free rave on the 20th anniversary of Castlemorton. Before that, they’ll screen a two hour doc on rave culture presented by Idris Elba. Bizarre.

Fox are going to try a new comedy format. Each hour long show will be broken into four different mini-pilots, giving new voices a chance to make an impact on TV. In theory.

The network is obviously feeling quite daring, though, as they’re also making a deal with Community‘s Dan Harmon for a new, multi-camera sitcom… about which we know nothing more.

Here’s a look at Gollum as he’ll appear in The Hobbit, and then below that, how he looked between takes.

Jimmy Kimmel has this nice bit where he has his guests read out really harsh tweets they’ve been sent. The first video is last night’s instalment, and then there’s the first try.

Next gig for Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris is a nice one – a role in Ridley Scott’s The Counselor. Scott has a proper script this time, so hurrah.

Sometime Real Ghostbusters writer J. Michael Straczynski wants a crack at the Ghostbusters 3 script. He says that he has a “working idea” and would love to have a go. If you want to try and convince Sony he’s the man, drop the hashtag #JMS4GB3 on Twitter a few times. Let’s see if that works.

In With the Outlaws is to be a comedy western, and those don’t work too well very often. The film is to shoot in the UK (yep, the UK) from September and will star Annabelle Wallis, Peter Fonda, Alice Cooper, Ann-Margret, Celia Imrie, Danny Trejo and Brendan Fraser (yep, Brendan Fraser). Crikey. The odds aren’t exactly stacked in this one’s favour. Still – a comedy western with Alice Cooper? I’ll watch it.

Here’s a trailer for The Campaign. Very similar to the one I saw at Comic-Con, if not the same. Jay Roach seems to be carving out a niche in films about politics, but he’s never made one like this before.

In Peter Bogdanovich’s essay on the Aurora shootings, he mentions that he doesn’t happen to like superhero films. Somebody send him copies of Spider-Man 2 and X-Men 2, stat. He’ll like those, I predict, once he gets into them.

Just one year on from bankruptcy, MGM may float on the stock market.

Here’s the trailer for Taiwanese ghost tale, The Ghost Tales.

Sci-fi novel The Last Policeman is being adapted for TV, with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura producing.

Tyler Labine, Damon Wayans, Jr. and Lucy Punch are the key cast of Rob Pearlstein’s Someone Marry Barry. I respectfully decline.

Corey Feldman stars in the rather “economical” looking Six Degrees of Hell. Here’s the trailer.

Sharlto Copley says the American remake of Oldboy will be “dark” and “gritty” and… zzz zzz zzz.

Mark Strong may become a leading man on US TV with cop murder series Low Winter Sun.

I’ve lost count of how many About Cherry trailers there have been but this is the first “official” one.

Sam Raimi is to produce and Michael Ross write a feature film adaptation of BZRK, a YA SF novel that sounds kinda kooky:

A team of gifted teens control biological nanobot robots warriors and they battle another group that is controlled by conjoined twins whose nanobots are brainwashing world leaders. The megalomaniacal twins are trying to take over the world.

Here’s the TIFF-primed, bong-brandishing promo for Somebody Up There Likes Me with all of your favourite TV stars getting stoned. Or, at least some people from TV that you probably like.

The Total Recall remake we’ll be getting in cinemas isn’t the director’s cut. That’s 17 minutes longer and will be on the Blu-ray, says director Len Wiseman. The added scenes are apparently about making us question what is real and what isn’t just a little longer.

I would like to have built you a bigger, longer, stronger Rushes tonight because there’s so much going on but it’s 3am, but for a few minutes, and I don’t know which way is up any more. So, goodnight.

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