Anthony Russo Spills On Captain America: The Winter Soldier, From Page To Screen

Anthony Russo Spills On Captain America: The Winter Soldier, From Page To Screen

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The title card alone, when revealed in a flash at Comic-Con, pretty much cemented it: the next Captain America film is to take its cues from Ed Brubaker‘s Winter Soldier storyline.

Co-director Anthony Russo was at the TV Critics Association Press Tour, where he faced some roundtable questions regarding the film. The juicy answers revolved around the relationship between comics and film. Here are some snippets from The Huffington Post‘s transcript:

You’re going with an existing story for Captain America, right?
In a way. I mean, they’re all sort of rooted in what’s come before, but they’re all also their own jumping-off point as well.

What did you love about Brubaker’s Winter Soldier story that made you say, “Oh yeah, I know what we can do with this”?
Well, we like the [story.] I can’t talk too much about specifics, that’s the way Marvel handles things. I can say in general that there’s sort of a darker, edgier sensibility at work there that we found appealing, and that is going find its way into Captain [America] in the modern day.

Are flashbacks possible to World War 2?
Certainly Cap has this complicated history. We’re making the movie for first-time viewers, not just for fans, so, because Cap does have this complicated history — he was this skinny guy who became a super-soldier, he was born back then and he’s living [now] – in the storytelling, you need to convey that to an audience who doesn’t know Cap’s story.

And every other answer, really, is hedge-betting and NDA-observing, as it should be.

Russo is just the kind of left-field choice Marvel has been making with its directors (and I don’t just mean cheap and with TV experience) and the Winter Soldier story is just the kind of comics material they’ve started tapping into – discreet but adaptable, popular, bold.

Of course, if this ‘continuity of service’ means we’re on for more films like The Avengers, my Marvel mantra will be simple: don’t go changin’.

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