Catch-Up Rushes - A Bunch Of Interesting Stories I Missed While I Was Sick

Catch-Up Rushes – A Bunch Of Interesting Stories I Missed While I Was Sick

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I’m still not well, I’m afraid, but I’ve been away for long enough so I’m going to have to pull myself up, prop myself on a pile of pillows and see what I can get done.

We’ll start with a very basic round-up of some stories I missed over the last three or four days while I was at my worst. There’s some interesting stuff in here.

Here’s a poster for About Cherry, the trailer for which we’ve seen before. Some who saw it at tests earlier in the year (Berlin, if I recall) said that the film is actually quite lacking. A bit like Ashley Hinshaw’s wardrobe in this image.

Producer Frank Marshall says that Jurassic Park 4 will be with us within two years, which he then fleshed out to mean, essentially, the summer of 2014.

The Weinsteins are apparently planning yet another remake for Halloween, as opposed to any kind of sequel to either of the previous series.

Here are Alice Engert and Elle Fanning in Sally Potter’s 60’s London-set drama, formerly known as Bomb. Christina Hendricks, Timothy Spall and Oliver Platt also have roles in the picture.

Here’s a meaty clip from Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina, with Keira Knightley. The schtick here is that the film is not set in “real” settings, but a theatre that changes to provide representations of the differing scenes, though you don’t quite get to see that gimmick at full tilt in these particular minutes.

Mindy Kaling is going to appear on a couple of episodes in the next series of The Officethe first, and at least one more. This is despite her own new series, The Mindy Project, which airs on a rival network. Incidentally, you’ll be able to preview the first episode of Project online a full month before it screens on TV.

There’s been a lot of fan conjecture that Lizzy Caplan and Jess Bradford’s characters in the Marvel Studios short Item 47 would be coming back in the features. Caplan seems to shoot that down by saying that they didn’t sign big, long term contracts.

Here’s another short promo for Eric Kripke and JJ Abrams’ series, Revolution.

Sam Claflin has apparently been confirmed to play Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. He’s yet to be added to the official casting page, though. Latest to be added there is Jena Malone, who will be playing Johanna Mason.

Niki Caro is to direct McFarland, a feel-food sports drama with sometime king of the feel-good sports drama, Kevin Costnet.

This image is the first promo for Parade’s End that I can recall. Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall and writing by Tom Stoppard render this TV miniseries essential.

Kermit, Gonzo, Rizzo and company have recorded a new audio commentary for the upcoming Blu-ray of The Muppets’ Christmas Carol. The legacy commentary with Brian Henson is also to be included.

Here’s a rather lavish Frankenweenie attraction from Comic-Con. It kind of creeped me out, in person, but I like it just fine on video (cf. The Haunted Mansion).

Here’s Anthony Hopkins as Hitch.

Here’s a somewhat more expansive trailer for Wrong, the latest from Quentin Dupieux. I can’t wait to see the whole thing.

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

The 21 Jump Street sequel isn’t shooting this Autumn, but next Autumn. So says Jonah Hill.

Here’s a trailer for Hello I Must Be Going with Melanie Lynskey. One of the pull quotes calls it as “heartfelt as it is horny.”

More evidence of that BBC drama about the creation of Doctor Who has come to light. We already believed Mark Gatiss was writing such a thing, timed for the show’s 50th anniversary, and now this job ad has appeared:

The role is for a single drama on BBC Two, with the producer based at the new Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff Bay for a five-month term… You will need drama-producing experience. A passion for drama and a knowledge of Doctor Who is essential.

And now, a French poster for Taken 2 with some interesting exploding architecture in the background. Minor spoiler?

Russell Crowe is to direct a biopic of Bill Hicks. He’d previously been tipped to star in the picture, but plans have changed. The script is by Crowe’s old friend, Mark Staufer, and they’re expecting to film next year.

The CG short film Ruin is to become some kind of live action feature film. The short was all chase, so director Wes Ball has a lot of expansion to do.

Iwan Rheon, best known as Simon from Misfits, appears to have joined the cast of Game of Thrones as Ramsay Snow.

Here’s the trailer for Chicken With Plumbs, adapted from Marjane Satrapi’s comics.

Here, Karen Gillan and Stanley Weber are posing on the set of Not Another Happy Ending which has started production in Scotland. It’s Ms. Gillan’s first post-Who role, and will mark her big screen debut.

Hayao Miyazaki is making an animated biopic of the man who designed Japan’s Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter plane.

Neal McDonough, who played Dum Dum Duggan, has joined the cast of Red 2. No idea what the role is, but the film will apparently be about:

Willis and company… searching for a weapon of mass destruction but must first break out the man who created the weapon from an insane asylum.

That man is, I believe, Anthony Hopkins.

And that’s my lot for this round-up. I hope to do another one later.

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