The New Munsters Show Mockingbird Lane At Comic-Con – Cast Image And Panel Details

Abigail Raney attended Bryan Fuller's panel at Comic-Con for us and came back with the goods on Mockingbird Lane, the Munsters do-over from Fuller and Bryan Singer.

Bryan Fuller's panel started with a four minute clip from Mockingbird Lane, which he confirmed was thrown together just for the panel. It was lacking in post-production polish, but still interesting.

The footage started with a chunk of continuous story, showing us Eddie going wolfy on his cub scout troop; and tit hen proceeded with a string of scenes, trailer-style, which featured Marilyn and Grandpa more heavily than the others.

Then Fuller got into how he was a fan as a kid, but wanted to bring something new to his take on The Munsters. Judging by the fates of some of the cub scouts, I'd say that part of that newness will involve a higher body count.

It seems like Mockingbird Lane will be less sitcom, more dramedy. Fuller told us that Pushing Daisies had been an intentionally family show, and that Mockingbird Lane will lean towards a darker tone.

It sounded like Fuller's ideas for the show involve both old-fashioned monster fun and a deepening of the character relationships. The show will get into a lot of back story never addressed in the original (I'm looking forward to the origin story for Spot, myself), and address questions like how to parent a son who's a bit… different, and what the marriage between a man who has already died and a woman who will live forever might look like.

The impression I got was that we should think of Mockingbird Lane not as a remake or reinvention of The Munsters, but as a show inspired by the idea of The Munsters – a 'non-traditional' family trying to deal with their own particular idiosyncracies in the modern world.

Thanks to TV Line for the image at the head of the post.