Tarantino Speaks At Comic-Con, Spills Great Bits And Pieces From Django Unchained

Tarantino Speaks At Comic-Con, Spills Great Bits And Pieces From Django Unchained

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The Django Unchained panel has just finished in Comic-Con’s Hall H and I’m exhausted. As well as the seven minute sizzle reel already played at industry cons, there was a lot of great discussion.

The big headline news break from the panel, I suppose, is the revelation that Jonah Hill‘s role in the film will be as one of The Regulators, a proto-KKK group. Tarantino was inspired when writing a critique of Birth of a Nation to take one of the flaws of that film, which he didn’t explain on stage, and turn it into a sequence in Django. Those who have read the script will have some idea of where this is going, and it’s blackly comic stuff.

I applauded Tarantino’s slating of Birth of a Nation. I couldn’t help myself.

Another interesting movie inspiration is Shaft, or more specifically how Shaft ties into Django. As Tarantino explains it, one day Django and his wife, Broomhilde von Shaft will have a kid. One day, that kid will have a kid. And then another generation, and another, and then, eventually we’d get to John Shaft, the man that would risk his neck for his brother man.

There’s also a tie-in, hidden somewhere in the film’s cast of characters to the expanding Tarantino movie-verse but that, Tarantino says, will remain secret for now. We’ll have to work it out for ourselves.

Tarantino and cast spoke at length about the ambitions for the film, its resonances with myth, how it makes Tarantino’s personal response to Spaghetti Westerns incarnate. It was utterly fascinating for the most part, but there was so much verbiage and so precisely worded, I couldn’t do it justice.

Django Unchained looks tremendous and it’s obviously something well worth chewing over at length. I can’t wait to see more.

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