Guillermo Del Toro Unveils Pacific Rim Footage, Reveals His Plans For Robot And Monster Mayhem

The bad news is this: after today’s Pacific Rim panel at Comic-Con, promotions on the film are going dark. According to Guillermo Del Toro, there will be radio silence on the film from here until the end of the year.

The 6,500 of us in Hall H have just been unusually lucky, then. And the atmosphere her tells me that we know it.

The Legendary and Warner Bros. panel kicked off with curtains peeling back and a multiple projector show starting up, playing footage from Pacific Rim, and behind the scenes images from the making of the film. The unifying factor between the images would be how beautiful well lit and photographed they were.

When we got to see the unique, one time only trailer, it opened with what appeared to be a parent and child walking along on snowy beach using a metal detector. It picks up something… something big and metal. A huge, stumbling mech – a Jaeger robot.

In subsequent scenes we saw the operators taking control of the Jaegers, two at a time. There were lots of shots of huge kaiju, the giant monsters that threaten life on earth in the world of Pacific Rim.

Idris ELba’s character was heard giving a pep talk to Jaeger pilots. Armageddon is going to get its ass kicked.

Elba operated with his typical magnetism and gravitas. The Hall H crowd were in full on fist pumping mode by now.

In the Q&A, Del Toro talked a little about the formal choices, and some camera choices he made. “We have oil and water [on the lens] and shake and we add scratches to the lens… at times the camera can’t clear the whole height of the robot or the kaiju. Well, I’m not keen on that kind of stuff, but the camera work we saw in the trailer was quite simply astounding.

There’s “no fucking motion capture, it was all key framed” because Del Toro wanted the robots to movie like robots, and the monsters moving like monsters.

Asked if the film would feature a variety of Kaiju with unique abilities Del Toro said “Take a fucking guess.” He later explained that we’d see “Three sea monsters… we have flying monsters… we have monsters up the wazoo… every kind we created was created specifically for the movie.”

They apparently designed some 40 kaiju and “did an American Idol on them, had a pageant… but the better kaiju are the ones that are in the film. And when you think you’ve seen a kaiju do its thing it does something else… there are some set pieces there that I think have never been seen on film.”

As for the Jaegers, Guillermo promises “rocket punches… amazing melee weapons, close contact weapons and some artillery. Expect obscene robot porn, robot on kaiju action.”

And, both in terms of monsters and Jaegers, it’s all been designed to within an inch of its life and looks stunning.