Walking Dead Season Three Report From Hall H - Trailer Screened, Premiere Date Set

Walking Dead Season Three Report From Hall H – Trailer Screened, Premiere Date Set

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We have just learned in the Walking Dead panel underway in the big, but apparently nothing like big enough, Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, that the next season is to premiere on October 14th. That’s for AMC in the US, at least.

An extended trailer for the season was shown, and should be online at some point. It focused on the preparation of the Prison, though there were some shots from around Woodbury. The tagline said:

Fight the Dead. Fear the Living.

And the final shot was Merle with his new hand-knife, replacing the hand-hand he lost. He asks “How about a big hug for your old pal Merle?” like the creepy bastard he is.

The whole trailer was structured around the old Scottish drinker’s lament, The Parting Glass.

There was an awful lot of small talk with the cast during the panel. The typical “how much of a challenge is it” and “what’s it like” puff. Anecdotes about how bacon doesn’t make good bait when fishing. Nothing was illuminating in respect of the show at all. Shame.

But then they pulled a big, goofy PR stunt that is actually rather fun. A member of the audience was selected and now that person will be turned into a zombie for the show.

Not literally, of course – they aren’t going to infect them. But a fan from the throng in Hall H will turned up in season three as a zombie. Something really cool to tell the grandkids, I’d say.

The panel ended with a reprise of the trailer. Hopefully it will be online soon because it’s looking pretty good. Of course, you could cut a good trailer out of the punch drunk snail trail that comprised season two, so nothing’s for certain yet.

But I can’t deny it – I really, really want this show to get back on track.

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