IMAX Trailer For James Bond's Skyfall Fleshes Out The Plot A Little

IMAX Trailer For James Bond’s Skyfall Fleshes Out The Plot A Little

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I’m fresh out of the IMAX Remix event held to coincide with Comic-Con and there will definitely be more to say about that later. For now, though, let’s discuss their big finish: the premiere of an IMAX exclusive trailer for Skyfall, the next James Bond picture.

The key point of interest is the introduction of a key new plot point. We see Judi Dench as M being chastised in a most expositional manner by Ralph Fiennes character. He’s telling her off for the loss of a “drive” that contains the identities of secret service agents embedded in terrorist groups around the world.

She promises that everything is being done to get the drive back, which essentially means Bond is on the case.

We get a good look at several action set pieces, including the train scene – which also seems to feature heavy plant and JCV action.

And there’s a good bit of interaction between Bond and Q, including their formal introductions. Q talks about his role as though he’s less an inventor of crazy new gadgets and more a hacker. He talks about being able to do pretty much everything Bond can do but while at home, in his pyjamas.

Asked why Bond would be needed at all, Q remarks that, sometimes, somebody has to pull a trigger. Puts Bond in a very particular place.

There’s very little of Javier Bardem in the whole trailer. A quick shot of a computer screen flashed up towards the end of the trailer calls back to the plot point about embedded agents. Out of context, it’s hard to know exactly what the shot means, but in this trailer, it certainly has some implications.

The image was a little dark and various other IMAX issues plagued the presentation, so I can’t really tell you how Roger Deakins’ cinematography looks. I can honestly say that no trailer for any other Sam Mendes film was as appealing as this one, however. Skyfall may yet prove to be a rollicking good night out, come November.

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