Bob Kane's Courageous Cat Coming To The Big Screen

Bob Kane’s Courageous Cat Coming To The Big Screen

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Keeping the name, but by the sounds of it little else, Evergreen Media have made plans to adapt Bob Kane‘s 1960s cartoon Courageous Cat into a feature film. There’s a “From the Creator of Batman” poster to be had here, but beyond that… I’m a little at a loss as to why this has happened.

Especially as, according to Deadline, the project will have “a new mythology,” greatly reducing any value in buying rights to the old one.

This new film will blend live action and CG. That always works so well with these anthropomorphised animal films, don’t you agree?

The original theme tune can be enjoyed on YouTube. It’s Peter Gunn meets Batman, especially for a cartoon cat in an eyepatch.

Right, who’s going to start the rumour that Joseph Gordon Levitt will be playing Minute Mouse? And how about Tom Hardy for Rodney Rodent?

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