Beautiful Sleeve Art For The Marvel Cinematic Universe Blu-Ray Discs

Posted by July 13, 2012 Comment

When that monster Avengers set comes out, complete with all of the “run up” films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as they’re calling it, each film will have a lovely redesigned sleeve.

That set, incidentally, is due to ship in September, but can be pre-ordered now at a few cents under $140, down from $219.

Here are all of those sleeves, showcasing Matthew Ferguson‘s striking new work.

Thanks to “>Marvel’s website for the images. I’m a Blu-ray and DVD collector for what’s on the discs, not the packaging that they come in, but I know a shiny bit of design when I see it.

The five year wait for the Phase Two box starts the second this one is in hand.

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