Wreck-It Ralph Announcements From The Disney Panel – Alan Tudyk, No Mario And Skrillex

Posted by July 12, 2012 Comment

Director Rich Moore has just screened ten minutes or so of very funny footage from Wreck-It Ralph at the Disney panel in Comic-Con. Lots on that footage later, but first, the announcements.

Moore went on to tell us that Alan Tudyk has a role in the film as King Candy, a character in the Sugar Rush game. He was also now cleared to tell us that Skrillex had composed music for the film, specifically for the Hero’s Duty first person shooter scenes.

Asked if there were any characters that they wanted for the film but that they couldn’t get, Moore said:

Why would I tell you? Why would I mention a certain moustachioed little plumber… and his brother, who wanted even more money.

The Ralph footage was regularly laugh out loud and so chock-a-block with little imaginative ideas that either this is one seriously unbalanced picture or it’s going to be a crowd pleaser and, chances are, a good sized hit.

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