House Of Wax To Join Dial M On Blu-Ray 3D, Warner Archive May Add Blu-Rays To DVDs

Posted by July 12, 2012 Comment

Two quick, but superb Warner Bros. blu-ray news bites from Comic-Con.

The studio are looking into how they might add manufactured-on-demand Blu-rays to the Warner Archive store, as well as the DVDs. That makes me very happy. I love the Warner Archive.

These are the films that the studio has mastered and keep on servers to press to order. It’s a way of giving us collectors a chance to own titles that would never be able to justify huge advertising budgets or print runs. Several studios do it now, but Warner were the pioneers.

One film that will get a full-on release, however, is the original House of Wax. Like Dial M for Murder it has been tidied up and set for a release on Blu-ray 3D. When? That’s what I want to know.

(Last Updated July 12, 2012 8:02 pm )

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