Arrow - Pilot Episode Review From Comic-Con

Arrow – Pilot Episode Review From Comic-Con

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Abigail Raney has been watching TV pilots for Bleeding Cool at Comic-Con. Here’s her capsule review of Arrow, the CW’s new Green Arrow show.

A supposed ‘hard-hitting’ reimagining of DC’s Green Arrow comics, Arrow follows the adventures of former playboy billionaire Oliver Queen afte he returns from five years of surviving on his own on a deserted island, determined to use his well-honed skills to save the city his father built.

Arrow is in many ways the classic – and yes, for that you can read predictable – superhero show. It ran along the lines of Smallville or The Cape, in that the characters pretty much said and did exactly what I expected, and I wanted to like it but couldn’t really get into it. At least not yet. I’d give it a few more episodes, though.

There were a few moments that did manage to connect, and the show got what was by my reckoning the biggest cheer of the night when been-stuck-on-an-island-for-five-years Oliver asks “What’s Twilight?”, to which his friend replies “You’re so better off not knowing.”

If the show ditches the melodramatic and completely pointless voice over and lets its characters break their types as the season progresses, it still has a chance to win a spot on my weekly schedule.

Abigail will be back with more pilot reviews very shortly. Perhaps if you ask nicely she’ll write something longer about Arrow later.

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