Terry Gilliam Confirms That He’s Off To Bucharest For Top Secret Film, Doesn’t Mention Johnny Depp (Though We Think He’s In It)

David Walliams has apparently been haggling with Terry Gilliam for a role in an upcoming film, at least partly to be shot in Bucharest. Gilliam himself has now confirmed that such a film is in the works, though he’s staying mum on the details.

Here’s Gilliam versus The Hollywood Reporter on this matter:

I’m not going to talk about my next project. My wife has noted that as soon as I say something about my next project everyone writes about it and then it disappears. I don’t what that to happen this time, so I’m keeping my mouth shut… Let’s just say that I’ve been seen around Bucharest, Romania. That’s it. It used to be that Italy was the best place to make quality films without spending a lot of money. Then, after communism, it was Prague. Then Budapest. Now it’s Bucharest.

It seems that Johnny Depp is going to be part of the film too, which more or less guarantees that cameras will get rolling. Who wouldn’t want a film with Depp in?

Incidentally, Gilliam confirmed that this isn’t The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, saying:

It’s off again now. Postponed until next year at least.

It’s hard to be too down about that when there’s news that Gilliam is about to make a different film.

I’ll keep watching this closely. If you know anything, or spot anything else, please let me know.