Fox Have To Find New Director For Daredevil Pronto Or See Rights Revert To Marvel-Disney

Posted by July 11, 2012 Comment

David Slade has opted to leave the Daredevil reboot he was working on for Fox, apparently due to the accelerated schedule required. If the film isn’t shooting before too long, the rights will lapse and Fox will lose the character back to Marvel, where he’d no doubt be incorporated into the expanding Marvel Studios Movieverse.

Deadline say that the film will have to get shooting this Autumn, which really doesn’t leave much time at all.

I’ll be interested to see what Fox do next. Will they keep the same screenplay and try to simply fit a new director in the slot? Willt hey even keep with their plan to adapt Born Again? Or will they try to downscale somewhat and simply meet the mandate of getting the film rolling, and then into cinemas?

It’s always worth remembering when there’s a project in this situation how well X-Men: First Class turned out. Matthew Vaughn didn’t have much time to get ready with that project before having to show up on set.

It can be done.

I can’t imagine a world in which Fox would wilfully just walk away from Daredevil and let the rights revert. There must be an awful lot of frantic activity going on in the offices right around now.

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