Awesome Image From The Croods And More At Chris Sanders’ Comic-Con Booth

One of Dreamworks Animation’s most exciting upcoming pictures will be The Croods, co-directed by Lilo & Stitch‘s Chris Sanders. You can get a real taste of Sanders’ design style from the booth he has at this year’s Comic-Con, even specifically in relation to The Croods.

Sanders worked on a film for Disney called American Dog that, in short, he was removed from. The film become Bolt, Sanders went on to work at Dreamworks, one studio’s loss was another’s gain.

The girl in the Croods picture will have the voice of Emma Stone, I believe. That’s going to effect Jessica Rabbit’s standing in certain dodgy top ten lists and late night conversations, I expect.

I’ll be sure to stop by Sanders’ booth at some point during the show. No real reason, just because he’s great. Perhaps I’ll ask a question or two about The Croods if he’ll allow. I’m certainly very curious about it.