More Wolverine Casting Includes The Silver Samurai

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Yeah, I know there’s an echo in here but nah, I won’t do that Turning Japanese joke. Maybe if the Wolverine casting notices had spread across three stories and not two.

So, further to the actors revealed last night, here are more of the supporting cast for James Mangold’s The Wolverine. The casting continues to strive for ethnic authenticity much more than, well, some recent American films to feature asian characters. Or Thor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, longtime US TV bit player Brian Tee will essay the role of Noboru Mori. Tee’s currently appearing in Grimm, I hear. I really wouldnt know.

The character of Mori is a corrupt minister of justice to whom Wolverine’s love interest, Mariko, is promised. I’m sure you can imagine how that will work out.

Meanwhile, a considerably bigger role is likely to be that of Harada, the Silver Samurai. The film might take any number of liberties with the original Chris Claremont and Frank Miller comics but I expect Harada will be given at least one big fight-scene centrepiece with High Jackman. His “thing” is that his samurai armour is electrified, not to mention silver.

This role has gone to Will Yun Lee, soon to be seen in the Total Recall and Red Dawn remakes. It should be a nice meaty turn for him.

Production on the film gets underway in Australia next month. Some location work in Japan will follow.

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