The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Appears To Have Been Delayed, At The Very Least In Britain

A new release date for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has started popping up all over the place. Instead of December 14th, we’re now seeing December 26th.

You can see this now listed as the UK release date at IMDB, on the web page of the Film Distributor’s Association, and in a recent Empire news story. Middle Earth News have reached out to New Line for a comment, but haven’t heard back – as yet.

It’s possible that the FDA page was updated, perhaps erroneously, and everybody else fell in line with it. IMDB are likely to use the FDA for their data, and Empire could well have used either.

The best information I have from closer to the source doesn’t actually reflect this change. The PR company Think Jam are working with Warner Bros. on the Hobbit films in the UK, and their official press resources page for the film still lists December 14th.

But it’s not at all clear if they’re behind the curve, or if everybody else is just getting ahead of themselves. Either is possible, I’d say.

When they get back into the office tomorrow, I’ll check and see what they can tell me.

If there has been an unexpected delay to this particular journey, I would expect it’s more to do with placing the release than any sort of hold-up in getting the film finished. Having said that, Warner Bros. moving this big 3D release to the same date as another of their own big 3D releases, The Great Gatsby, doesn’t seem like a push they’d make without good reason.

Perhaps Gatsby is going to slip too.

Could there be a delay in delivery times for The Hobbit? Doesn’t seem likely, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for word of the film slipping back anywhere else in the world. And if Peter Jackson and co. want more time, I’m more than happy for them to have it. Take as long as you need, folks.

Let me know if you see anything.

UPDATE: Ellie Graham of Thinkjam writes “The release date for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey remains 14th December! It’s been corrected on the FDA site and will be amended on IMDb imminently as well. “