Terry Gilliam And Johnny Depp Said To Be Working On New Film To Be Shot In Bucharest

One of the propaganda posters seen in Terry Gilliam‘s Brazil reads Loose Talk Is Noose Talk. I guess David Walliams wasn’t too rattled by it, as it’s his big flapping lips we have to thank for this story.

Walliams, best known as half of Little Britain, was attending a screening of Hitchock’s Blackmail at the British Museum, scene of its spectacular chase sequence – a screening I really wish I could have attended myself. Gilliam was there too, and according to a syndicated report, the two struck up a something of a deal.

Apparently, Walliams was begging for a role in Gilliam’s next film. He was warned that he’d have to “be willing to work with Johnny Depp and fly to Bucharest where the movie is to be filmed.” Walliams, of course agreed, even saying that he’d do it for free – which Gilliam “gladly accepted.”

Now, how much of this is just these two guys larking around is hard to discern. They’re definitely larkers. They could have been playing about and the reporter has failed, or refused, to capture the silliness properly in his copy.

But Bucharest? Sounds plausible. And Depp? Again, pretty plausible. I’d like to think Depp would get back on board with Gilliam now that there’s some space in his schedule. And Depp is apparently a rather big fan of Little Britain.

It might be true, then. But for now, I can only guess what the project would be.

I don’t think The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is a good match for Bucharest at all, unless there’s some studio work to be done there and Gilliam was matching Walliams specifically to that. I think it’s unlikely as the film would need so much Spanish location work they’d more likely find some closer studio space…? Shots in the dark, on my part.

Perhaps Good Omens could be back on the cards, though I doubt that very much. It would mean the TV version that Terry Jones was working on had completely run its course, and that the project had somehow rolled back to Gilliam.

Much more likely is Mr. Vertigo, an adaptation of the Paul Auster novel that Auster and Gilliam scripted together. The book, and presumably film, is set in early 20th Century America, and there’s likely that some minor location matches could be found in Bucharest, but much more so that they’d be building sets or using backlots. The Castel Film Studios could very well be where they’re headed.

Or it could be something else entirely.

If Gilliam does have Depp in the frame for a film, whatever it is, all of the other pieces should, hopefully, click together easily.

So, there you go, Britain. We can now look forward to something like forty years of Walliams appearing on chat shows and talking about Depp with a raised eyebrow and some sauce in his voice. At least one Facebook user is going to be rather excited.