The History Of Israel Through The Eyes Of Harvey Pekar

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con is Not The Israel My Parents Promised Me, the final graphic novel by the late Harvey Pekar, and JT Waldman.

In Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me, the final graphic memoir from the man who defined the genre, Pekar explores what it means to be Jewish and what Israel means to the Jews. Over the course of a single day in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Pekar and the illustrator JT Waldman wrestle with the mythologies and realities surrounding the Jewish homeland. Pekar interweaves his increasing disillusionment with the modern state of Israel with a comprehensive history of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present, and the result is a personal and historical odyssey of uncommon power. Plainspoken and empathetic, Pekar had no patience for injustice and prejudice in any form, and though he comes to understand the roots of his parents’ unquestioning love for Israel, he arrives at the firm belief that all peoples should be held to the same universal standards of decency, fairness, and democracy.

The release will be accompanied by a panel on the Saturday of San Diego, The Legacy of Harvey Pekar at 4.30pm, followed by a signing of the book at 6pm at Mysterious Galaxy, Booth 1119.

Here is a short preview. You can see another preview here.

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