“Science” Has Found The “Perfect” Casting For 50 Shades Of Grey – But Who The Hell Is It?

Universal and Focus Features spent so much money on the rights to turn that dirty Twilight fanfic 50 Shades of Grey into a movie that they’re bound to make a move sooner or later. But who to cast?

Well, don’t worry, Hollywood, Science has the answer. Sort of.

The University of Central Lancashire’s Dr Faye Skelton has composed a photofit image of what Christian Grey should look like, based upon the testimony of twelve women. Most of these women had apparently used comparisons to movie stars to get their visions across. Perhaps that’s why he looks something like a movie star in the final rendering.

But which one?

I can see Guy Pearce, my wife said something about Gerard Butler and our very own Michael Moran thinks Val Kilmer. Who do you see?

Thanks to the BBC for that lovely image.

Not having read the books I don’t know if these descriptions were based on what the woman read or just the product of their imaginations. I guess it would be most interesting if this face completely mismatches any info in EL James’ text.