San Diego Debut: Rob Hanes Adventures #13

Randy Reynaldo is one of comics biggest kept secrets. He has been publishing his Rob Hanes Adventures action adventure comic book series for almost twenty years now, a new comic or two every year or so, each self cointained, each containing the adventures of special agent Rob Hanes in a variety of international locales.

Randy has never “broken out”, he’s never been headhunted by the majors, he’ s never seen his work picked up by another publisher, he’s never been Eisner nominated. But he’s kept publishing Rob Hanes, year in, year out, and keeping the comic entertaining, fresh and enjoyable And if I was an editor of a major comic book publisher, I’d be on the phone to him immediately.

The thirteenth issue of Rob Hanes Adventures is debuting at San Diego Comic Con, along with the previous issues in individual and collected form, at  Booth K1 in the Small Press Area, on aisle 1500 of the convention hall.

Rob Hanes Adventures #13 features two complete stories: “Crime Takes a Holiday,” which takes place on the French Riviera, and “Not Your Father’s Private Eye,” where Rob becomes the subject of an online news article while on assignment in the Middle East… here’s an unlettered preview.

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