The Rather Intense Poster Campaign For The Impossible, Our Next Film From The Director Of The Orphanage

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I found the trailers for The Impossible to be rather powerful stuff, but that’s not too uncommon with trailers for big dramatic films. They’ll go for something flat-out, from time to time.

Posters, on the other hand. They tend to be a little softer. Easier.

But check out these posters for the film, shared by Bayona and Fotogramas, compiled by Movieline. The film, you should know, is about a family caught up in the Tsunami that devastated Asia in 2004.

Okay, Ewan McGregor battered and bloodied in front of that wreckage is not so bad and the bruised-up kid on slightly less likely, but I find it a little hard to believe I’ll see that picture of Naomi Watts holding on for dear life and screaming in the corridors of my local multiplex any time soon. I can’t imagine that the MPAA will approve these for use in the US either.

Maybe the marketeers feel removed from the tragedies of the Tsunami. Or maybe, had this been a film about the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre, they’d have fearlessly gone ahead and used an image of Naomi Watts freefalling out of a window thousands of feet up.

Watts is currently filming Diana, a biopic of the sometime Princess of Wales. I bet you £10 that the poster for that isn’t an image of a crashed up car in a Parisian tunnel.

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