Sofia Vergara Sasses And Vamps In The First Machete Kills On-Set Footage

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Sofia Vergara has pretty much passed me by – and that’s speaking as somebody who has actually met her and mini-interviewed her. She just didn’t make much of an impression on me, and I don’t know why. Maybe if I had ever seen her do something memorable on screen.

Robert Rodriguez might fix this for me. He’s cast Vergara in Machete Kills as some kind of sauced-up dominatrix minx, or other such generic bad-ass lady type. It’s just that kind of film, of course, and if you loved the first one, the mucking about with stereotypes was likely part of it.

The first footage of Vergara in action comes courtesy of her excitable son’s video blog. Expect the inevitable aaaaawkwaaaard moments when Mom steps out in full, whip-wielding mode.

I’m hoping that Machete Kills is Machete squared. There’s a great, great film waiting to come out of this premise.

Note: this footage was on YouTube earlier, then pulled. The story went on ice until JoBlo provided the above embed.

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