Will Image Comics Please Stop Trying To Kill The President?

The following article contains some, but not complete, spoilers for three Image Comics published today. So there’s that.

But in three separate violent action comic books published by Image Comics today, the President of the United States gets involved in a rather nasty fashion.

First we have Epic Kill, where we discover that the lead’s aim is the highest in office.

Then in Creator Owned Heroes, we also have an action packed impossible superwoman busting into the White House to kill the President.

Finally it takes Danger Club to break the mould by giving us a super President, who it seems has a termination policy of his very own.

Remember, you don’t have to respect the individual holdoing office, just the office itself…. of something.

Comics have a long and well trod history of presidential assassination, but so many in one week from one publisher makes me wonder what’s up. I know there’s an election on folks but please, stop trying to kill the President!

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

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